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DB-UML Modeling Tool RoadMap

DB-UML Modeling Tool RoadMap

The following RoadMap shows modeling tool tasks and enhancements organized into categories. After review, this roadmap needs to be re-organized as a release schedule.


The following infrastructure and standards changes are needed:

Ø       Batch test suite and test procedure documentation.

Ø       Initial set of tests based on PostgreSQL.

Ø       Coding standards (PMD code review)

Ø       I18N review and update.

ArgoUML Integration

Several areas of the tool need better integration with ArgoUML

Ø       The use of critics for the DB-UML language

Ø       Batch testing changes (contribute to ArgoUML)

Ø       Explorer extensions (contribute to ArgoUML)

Ø       Using source generation for SQL;

Ø       Ability to use add pop-up actions to the explorer

Additions to DB_UML language

The following additions are needed to the language:

Ø       index

Ø       check and assert methods

Ø       trigger methods

Ø       domains

SQL/Med Support

Provide DB-UML language elements for foreign databases and foreign tables.  A version of this exists for the ORDB database on an old release of ArgoUML

Ø       Upgrade to ArgoUML 2.4.

Ø       Change terminology to foreign databases and foreign tables.

Ø       Provide catalog update support for foreign tables.

Ø       Table to Foreign Table transformation.

Warehouse Database Support

A language representation needs to be defined to model OLAP entities.  This should be done using the Common Warehouse Meta-Model.  Source generations should be provided to generate cube schemas from OLAP models.  The priority should be Mondrian schemas.

Transformations should also be provided to generate a star schema model from a host schema model for constructing a warehouse database.  And transformations should also be provided to generate OLAP model from a star schema model for constructing cube schemas.