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Discussions > issues > [Issue 6] New - The information of the unsigned datatypes.

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[Issue 6] New - The information of the unsigned datatypes.

Author jukkakar
Full name Jukka Karvanen
Date 2008-01-04 21:48:11 PST
Message http://argouml-db.ti​gris.org/issues/show​_bug.cgi?id=6
                 Issue #|6
                 Summary|The information of the unsigned datatypes.
       Status whiteboard|
              Issue type|DEFECT
             Assigned to|issues@argouml-db
             Reported by|jukkakar

------- Additional comments from jukkakar at tigris dot org Fri Jan 4 21:48:10 -0800 2008 -------
The tool will lose the information of the unsigned datatypes.
In UI there is no possibility to set unsigned/signed information for column.
If I create following table:
unsignedcolumn integer unsigned,
signedcolumn integer
After I import it to DBUML.
SQL statement generated is:
/* Owning database does not support Schemas or the namespace is the default
Schema */
unsignedcolumn INTEGER,
signedcolumn INTEGER
In JDBC the unsigned is extra attribute (isSigned) to the column like isNullable
information, not new data type itself.

The method java.sql.DatabaseMet​aData.getColumns() return ResultSet, which has
following methods:
ResultSetMetaData getMetaData()
Retrieves the number, types and properties of this ResultSet object's columns.
That class has method isSigned:
boolean isSigned(int column)
throws SQLException
Indicates whether values in the designated column are signed numbers.

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[Issue 6] New - The information of the unsigned datatypes. jukkakar Jukka Karvanen 2008-01-04 21:48:11 PST
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