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Building argouml-db

Author dlochrin
Full name David Lochrin
Date 2011-04-10 00:10:34 PDT
Message This message was posted in the Developer list where it's probably inappropriate, however I can't remove it and I'm hoping someone will reply here.

I've been attempting to build ArgoUML (SVN rev. 19196, PRE-0.33.2 according to the splash screen) and ArgoUML-DB (SVN rev. 80) but argouml-db fails with one error.

Would somebody please confirm whether these revisions are compatible and, if not, what are the latest revisions which are?

Argouml-db fails with this error:

    [javac] (rest of path...)/src/org/dbu​​ml/base/model/Datab​a​se.java:101: load(java.io.InputStream) in java.util.Properties cannot be applied to (java.io.FileReader)
    [javac] properties.load(new FileReader("database​​.properties")); [marker points to the dot in properties.load]

Is there a fix for this problem?


And two minor points...

The argouml-db build process complains about a character in two comments in <DBModelFacade.java> caused by the character "c" in "Facade" having a cedilla accent.

Also, a comment in <module.properties> reads "# argo.root.dir is a directory where argouml is deployed. It contains argouml.jar and "ext" subdirectory.". However it seems argo.root.dir should actually point to </src/argouml-build> which is two levels up from there.

Hope someone can help with the build problem...

David Lochrin

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Building argouml-db dlochrin David Lochrin 2011-04-10 00:10:34 PDT
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