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Supported platforms and more...

Author Benat Dagorret <lists at nrd dot fr>
Full name Benat Dagorret <lists at nrd dot fr>
Date 2008-06-19 08:51:05 PDT
Message Hi,

First of all, my congrats to everyone involved in this project. I have
being playing around with argouml-db for a couple of hours and it looks
like a very nice and useful add-on to argouml.

Now, I still have a few issues and I would like to better identify where
they come from :-) . So, let's go with a few questions (I apologize if
I'm missing anything obvious from the documentation) :

1. I can't connect neither to a MySQL nor a PostgreSQL database; I have
   tried several jdbc driver versions for both engines, changing my JDK
   accordingly, but unsuccessfully so far. So please, could you tell me
   which platforms have been tested (I have a FreeBSD 7.0 RELEASE/amd64
   workstation with JDK15)

2. Is SQLite supported, or is some support planned for the future?

3. Is generalization supported for Object Oriented databases? I can
   model generalization, but there is no inheritance related code in
   the generated SQL source

4. I have seen a few strange behaviours. For example, let's suppose we
   have 3 tables A, B, C and the FK-PK association B -> C. Whenever I
   add a new FK-PK association from A to B, all the attributes of table
   B get lost... I couldn't find this problem in the issue tracker, so
   is it a (known) problem?

5. well, there is no question n°5 :-)

I find argouml-db very useful as it is, and I would be grateful if I
could get some help to solve the above points. Thanks a lot in advance.


Benat Dagorret

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