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Managing foreign keys

Author dlochrin
Full name David Lochrin
Date 2007-12-06 23:24:55 PST
Message Hi,

   I apologise for bothering everyone with yet another question, especially since databases are not my primary area of expertise, but I'd appreciate some help with foreign keys in ArgoUML-DB.

   I've defined a compound primary key in a referenced table "ALTER TABLE ....PRIMARY KEY (a, b)...." and would like to define the corresponding foreign key in a referencing table "ALTER TABLE .... ADD CONSTRAINT blah .... FOREIGN KEY (x, y) ....". However I can't see any way of prodding ArgoUML-DB into generating this SQL from a graphical model. It doesn't seem to want to know about more than one foreign key per association.

   Also, I notice the Pagila example has stereotypes <<PK>>, <<FK>>, and <<PFK>> (and Unique) but my model only shows the first two. It is possible to select both <<PK>> and <<FK>> stereotypes for a data element, giving a stereotype depicted as <<PK,FK>> but I'm not confident this is intended to allow a data element to be used for both functions.

   Any help is appreciated.

David Lochrin

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